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5 ways to damage your reputation at work: February 22, 2011

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#1. Gossiping: Nobody likes a gossip hound.  If you spend your days gossiping, it can give the impression that you are a negative and mean spirited person who is not interested in your job but rather in seeing others struggle and fail.  Nobody wants to be around that ya big jerk.

#2. Empty Promises: Once you fail to meet deadlines or follow through on projects, you will create doubt in the eyes of coworkers and supervisors.  When the next project comes along…a project that would have been perfect for you…your boss will likely pass you over for someone who isn’t acting like a lazy little sloth.  So try and follow through, and if you are behind on a project, simply let people know.

#3. Mr. Know-it-all: It’s great to speak up at work and offer up good ideas.  However if you constantly domineer over all conversations, people will think that you just want to hear yourself yap.  When a project requires a good deal of group work and collaboration, 9 out of 10 people will cringe at the thought of having you on their team, so always remember to listen to others and accept new ideas…to do this you need to shut your yapper every now and then.

#4.  Dodging the bullet: When you constantly push the blame on other people, it looks unprofessional and weak.  So, if you completely screwed up you need to admit the problem and take the hit.  State what you’ve learned from your mistakes and how you will handle the situation differently in the future, and get on with it.  Your boss and peers will respect you more for it.

#5.  Cell phone addiction: I’m 100% guilty of this one.  I’m TRYING to work on it, and it certainly has helped that I have recently purchased the world’s most annoyingly slow and crappy phone, but I’m still struggling.  Constantly checking your phone shows that you are very distracted and goofing off.  Even though I may be simply disliking a Dave Matthews song on Pandora (for the millionth time…seriously, what the hell) it looks like I am distracted…and I am.  How can I not be? Pandora KNOWS I hate the Dave Matthews Band.  You really know how to get to the core of me, don’t you Pandora.

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10 Responses to “5 ways to damage your reputation at work:”

  1. Eric Chaump Says:

    Amber, this is a great list! I know people at my work who are guilty of these. In fact, I should probably finish up this comment and put my iPhone away now.

  2. […] This post was mentioned on Twitter by ireneyachan and ericchaump, amberjlittle. amberjlittle said: 5 ways to damage your reputation at work: […]

  3. I would like to add one more group from my experience: people who live in the office with earphone and ipod. They ofter miss the phone calls. Even if we go and try to talk them they listen with one ear while having the earphone in the other ear.

  4. ryanrmoser Says:

    This is really great … something most people have to learn the hard way!

  5. KarenS Says:

    Love your new blog! I’ll be reading your great insights! Keep it up!

  6. Jessica Says:

    I haven’t had a full time job in a couple years but when I did I was completely guilt of the cell phone addiction. But I also knew when to put it away which is what I think a lot of people need to learn. Your blog looks good.

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