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Are you a Hot Mess Online? March 6, 2011

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Many of us don’t even think about it.  It wasn’t until very recently, when I enrolled in a personal branding class, that I began to give more than a second thought to my online presence…which is scary.  Sure, I don’t want those drunken pictures of me dancing shirtless on the bar (oh come on, I’m joshin with ya).  But other than that, I really never gave much thought to what was out there…other than a picture that made my nose look big…we can’t have THAT, can we now.  But really…why is it that more people could give a crap about the image they are putting out there for the world to see?  Shouldn’t we only want to project positive things about ourselves?

I know we all live in this happy little world where we think that if we make our facebook page private (a site that is well known for being plagued with security loopholes mind you), only our friends can see the shenanigans we are up to.  And even if that WERE to be true…last time I checked most people have anywhere from 30 to 500 friends.  You can’t tell me that you would want 30 people to see some of the stuff you are putting out there, let alone 500 people.  And let’s be honest…you don’t REALLY know all of those people.

More importantly, would you want your boss or potential employer to see all of this nonsense?  What you need to know is more and more businesses are checking your facebook page to get a glimpse of your social habits, and this includes your current employers. Your boss, or future boss, can QUITE EASILY get a hold of your password see those posts of the night when you were victoriously riding that mechanical bull while impressively balancing that Corona.  Nice.

Moral of the story?  Operate online as if you have no privacy…because in all reality you don’t.

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10 Responses to “Are you a Hot Mess Online?”

  1. ryanrmoser Says:

    This is right on … its a tough judgement call we all have to make.

    Another great post!

  2. Bret Simmons Says:

    LOVE IT!! Great work – keep it up. Bret

  3. ashleycray Says:

    Great post, Amber! I used to judge my pictures based on whether or not I’d want my parents to see the photos, but I realize I need to change my mentality to include employers/potential employers.

  4. Nice post Amber. When I created a Facebook account a few years ago, I want to have my Facebook “private”. So, I twisted my Facebook name so that nobody will find it other than the people I want to. Now, looking back the past, I realize what a stupid idea it was.

    After enrolling in the class I changed the Facebook with my real name.

  5. Great Post Amber!

    It’s so unreal to me to still see too many messy Facebook pages. As I’m looking through these pages, I can only think to myself that how in the world are these people employed, or how are they thinking they could ever get a job?!

    What and who we want to become in our careers, is how we should strive to look like today.

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