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Oh Sweet Jesus, please tell me I didn’t reply to all… March 19, 2011

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Email etiquette…it’s a doozey.  It can literally make or break you.  Take it from someone who, right out of college, wrote an email which listed (in impressive detail I might add) why her coworker was beyond annoying….and since she had this annoying coworker on her brain, she then proceeded to send said email to said annoying coworker.  Now, thanks to her catlike reflexes and whining abilities, an IT guru on the premises was able to erase the message, and the crisis was averted…but holy s#!% Batman, that was close…and extremely unprofessional.  (Mind you, that little story TOTALLY wasn’t about me, in case anyone ever asks).  Anywho, the point of the story is you have to watch yourself when it comes to email.  Keep these things in mind next time you hit that send button to avoid a possible heart attack:

Don’t be stupid: I think that little story above is explanation enough.

Use your work email for work only: Don’t get in the habit of emailing friends or family from your professional email.  Your company has full legal rights to read all emails that you send and receive over their server (this includes emails sent from your personal accounts since it is still utilizing their server).  It’s simply not worth the worry and risk.

Remember to always be professional: It’s easy to become comfortable with coworkers…so comfortable that you may forget the need to write in a professional and courteous manner.  And who knows who will eventually read them.  Don’t let your emails create the wrong impression.

Don’t use that tone with ME! Tone is an iffy thing when it comes to email.  It’s pretty easy to convey a certain tone when you are speaking, however when you write it’s a whole different ball of wax.  A good rule of thumb is to always read back over your message to make sure you are coming across in a friendly and respectful way, even if you are dealing with a tool.

Watch that reply to all: this is a very frequent mistake in the workplace.  If you intend to reply with a sassy, obnoxious or confidential comment…better off to start a new email so the entire company doesn’t get your nice little message…or rather, how about you practice NOT acting your shoe size (easier said than done, I know…but it’s a work in progress).

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6 Responses to “Oh Sweet Jesus, please tell me I didn’t reply to all…”

  1. ryanrmoser Says:

    Im still laughing! I have been there before … it didnt end well.

    Great post Amber!

  2. Lisa Drake Says:

    Great blog post Amber! I tend to treat each e-mail as if it was a postcard, as you don’t know who will get it forwarded or read it and helps avoid the embarrassment. 🙂

  3. Andrew Says:

    I think companies should start doing email etiquette lessons!

    Also why can’t a manager simply send one email out per week rather than clog your inbox up with countless junk emails?

    Great post and humorous as well 🙂

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