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Boost your creativity April 17, 2011

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Do you ever find yourself dreadfully stuck in a rut…you just can’t seem to think of new ideas that could improve your work and home life?  It’s always rewarding and exciting to think of ways to improve yourself, so it can be pretty frustrating to merely go through the motions of your day, not keeping your eye on the big picture.  Just the thought of trying to think of positive changes leaves you wanting a nap.  Everyone goes through this from time to time, and we all need a little help recharging our thinking caps.  Next time you feel like the wheel is turnin but the hamster is dead, try one of these tips to get those creative juices flowing again:

Go for a walk.  Walks are a great way to get out of the stuffy office or home and clear your thoughts.  It feels good to get out and about, and walking will leave you feeling refreshed and with a more positive perspective on things.

Read!  Reading books and articles can jump start your noggin.  Read as much as you can about as many things possible.  You will be amazed how many ideas pop pop into your head when you constantly learn new things.

Don’t get stuck in a box.  Always thinking inside the box leaves us doing things the same old way over and over.  Remind yourself that there are always multiple solutions to any problem.

Set some time aside each day to think.  Find a quite place,  and just let your mind wander.  (walks are great for this!)

Play!  Games that force us to think are a great way to keep our brain in shape.  Next time you get a chance, release that inner kid.  Some of my favorites are Mind Trap, Worst Cast Scenario, Trivial Pursuit and Sudoku.

Avoid all of those distractions.  And by distractions I mean TV and Facebook.  I swear, if you make a habbit of logging onto facebook everyday, you are making a habbit of losing hours of your life…it just leaves your brain drained.  Same with TV.   (Except for Modern Family, The Office, TLC and the Discovery Channel.  Those don’t apply of course).

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4 Responses to “Boost your creativity”

  1. ryanrmoser Says:

    This is great info Amber! Sometimes you need to just get out of the office to regain your focus.

    Great as always!


  2. Jenny Tsai Says:

    Great post, Amber! 🙂 When I have zero ideas of what am I going to do on my papers, blogs or even my personal time, I often read books, magazines or watch TV, which really me to find the new ideas.

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