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Build up self confidence at work May 9, 2011

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No matter what kind of work you are in, your self confidence levels throughout your career will directly determine your levels of success.  If you don’t believe in yourself, you can’t expect others to.  Feelings of low self esteem can be painfully obvious to those around you, and can can cause a vicious cycle of self doubt and struggle in your life.  If you are not feeling confident, your boss and coworkers will pick up on this immediately.  They will likely start to doubt your abilities, and your boss may take away some of your responsibilities and not consider you for future projects.  This in turn will cause your self confidence levels to plummet even more, which may cause people to lose even more trust in you.  The good news is that there is a way out.  First, you need to be brutally honest with yourself and admit you are struggling.  From there, things can only get better.  Here are a few ways that you can get yourself out of a self confidence rut:

Be extremely prepared and organized.  Being prepared and organized are two of the most powerful ways you can boost your confidence levels.  By simply taking as little as 15 minutes a day to stay ahead of the game, you will reduce your anxiety levels, and it will show.

If you don’t have self confidence at the moment, fake it.  Body language is a powerful tool.  When you are feeling a bit down, you can fool others (and even yourself) into thinking you are on top of the world.  Stand tall, put your shoulders back and your head up.  Not only will you feel better, but people will also treat you better.

Express an interest to take on a new project.  When you always give yourself a challenge, you will be able to showcase your strong points and talents.  It shows great initiative to step up to the plate every now and then, and will make you feel great.

Make an effort to get along with coworkersThere really isn’t a worse feeling than being an outsider.  When you feel like you don’t belong, you will naturally begin to isolate yourself, which can lead to feelings of loneliness and depression.  Try and break out of this.  Make an effort to talk to and connect with people around you, you will be happier for doing so.

Face your fears.  Just like in life, when you face your fears at work head on, they simply aren’t as scary. Take some bold actions and learn how you can concur any roadblocks.

Think of your confidence levels as a journey.    Self confidence is a learned skill, and isn’t going to come overnight.  Remember that it’s okay to fall along the way, as long as you get back up.

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