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Organize the stress away May 2, 2011

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Being unorganized is one of leading causes of stress.  Think about it: how does it make you feel when you are rushing out the door only to realize that you have absolutely no idea where the car keys are?  Or, you know that you have bills, and you recall seeing them at one point…however the odds of locating said bills are slim to none.  At work, you vividly remember taking notes in an important meeting, however it’s anyone’s guess where that notebook went.  That goes for your to-do list as well.  GOOD GRAVY.  Not making organization a priority in your life will create a vicious cycle of stress.

People who are very organized may wonder how in the world others can function in such a way.  And while many unorganized folks may claim that there is a method to their madness, the truth is that it usually does more harm than good.  Disorganization is a leading cause of of continuous struggle and frustration for many people in their lives.   They aren’t running the show…their stuff is.  However, when you are organized, you will naturally be more motivated and energized…things won’t seem so overwhelming. Eliminating needless clutter will instantly make you feel better.  And while it’s tempting to start a huge project, take it easy there killer.   The key is to tackle once space at at time as to not overwhelm yourself.  This could be as small as organizing that junk drawer, because let’s face it- a junk drawer holds anything but junk. How else are you gonna find the twisty ties for the bread or that light bulb for the fridge?!?

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