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How to avoid the Office Plague April 11, 2011

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Being sick sucks. It’s one thing to be a little sick and catch up on all the wonderful cheesy daytime tv, however actually being full on sick is quite another thing.  The last two weeks I’ve been sicker than a dog (no offense Max).  The Dr says it’s a nasty cold, however I’m convinced it is some medieval plague-like disease.  And can you guess where I probably caught this virus of black death?  Work!  Damn you work.  The fact is, we need to always make healthy cleanliness habits a priority at work so we can stop wasting sick days on being sick.  I know that’s what they are there for, but seriously.  Sick days should be spent skiing.

Here are a few good ways to avoid the bubonic plague (or COLD.  Whatever DOC, I want a second opinion)

Make sure your keyboard and phone are always clean. Think about it, anyone could come along and  and touch your phone and keyboard with their germy hands.  I thought wiping down my stuff once or twice a week was good enough, but it should really be once or twice a day.

Wash your hands.  And wash them a lot.  And then wash them one more time.

Open the windows. If you are lucky enough to work in an office that has windows that open, take advantage.  Typically, offices have a heavy reliance on circulated air.  This can spread germs faster than human contact.

Use a paper towel on door knobs. Especially in the bathroom.  Gross.

Get a full night’s sleep. I don’t know about you, but when I don’t get my beauty rest, I usually end up sick. And also closely resembling Medusa.

Stay Hydrated. Keep a water bottle at your desk and fill it up as much as you can.

Avoid shaking hands.  I know this might rub people the wrong way, but I always try to get around it.  It’s just plain germy when you think about it.  Seriously, who’s idea was that anyways?  It’s just a step up from dogs sniffin butts at the dog park.

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4 Responses to “How to avoid the Office Plague”

  1. Jessica Says:

    Those are good tips for the office place but how can I avoid the plague at home with my kids?

    • Amber Little Says:

      Haha, thanks! I think all the same rules apply…only wipe down the toys rather than the keyboard 🙂 I’m sure they’ll be on your computer before long though!

  2. Erin Wootan Says:

    Your next post should be, “how to get rid of the never ending sickness”! Hopefully by following these important tips, we can both avoid this plague that we have in the future!!! Feel better Amber! Great post!

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